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Wonderful copy for wonderful clients

I’ve had the pleasure of working with huge digital marketing agencies, small independent web designers and everything in between since my freelancing odyssey began. I’m also just as comfortable working directly with business owners who wish to improve their copy too.

So, whether you’re looking to add me to a large list of capable copywriters or you’re thinking of hiring a freelance writer for the first time, don’t be shy – drop me a line today.

Recent work

365 Business Finance

I have been writing regular blog posts for 365 Business Finance via Surge Digital for some time now. As one would expect, the main focus of these posts are business related topics that are relevant to the company’s target audience. You can see a selection of the work that I have completed for them here.

365 business finance


Colin Docherty made the leap from working for a large digital agency to founding his own marketing business, and I was happy to help him get the correct message across when he launched Edge45. Having written all of the copy for Colin’s website I’m pleased to report that the site is ranking well locally and I continue to work with both Colin and his ever-growing client base.


Aspen Woolf

Aspen Woolf is one of the largest and most respected property investment companies in the UK. I was initially approached to write a series of in depth city guides to help promote their student property investment opportunities and I continue to write regular monthly blog posts for their website. You can see some of the work that I have completed for them here.

Aspen Woolf copywriter


Blairquhan Castle

Blairquhan Castle was placed 14th in The World’s Top 50 Wedding Locations by The Independent so naturally I was delighted to be asked to provide copy for their brand new website. Working closely with the web designers (Adeo Group) and the management team at Blairquhan I came up with copy that complemented the fresh new feel of the sites revamped design.


Blairquhan Castle


RHP Racking

I was approached by Liberty Marketing to provide unique product descriptions for RHP Racking’s vast array of storage solutions. Using generic copy simply doesn’t cut it with the search engines these days, so the task was to come up with individual product descriptions that described what each item was, promoted the benefits of said item and explained why RHP Racking should be the reader’s supplier of choice.

RHP Racking logo


Petty Son and Prestwich

Estate agents Petty Son and Prestwich produce high quality promotional magazines for both their Wanstead and Buckhurst Hill offices. I have been working closely with Petty’s Director, John Wagstaff, for some time now and his passion for business is infectious. I frequently contribute to both The Green and The Hill providing copy that ranges from interviews with local businesses and associations through to profiles of the Petty Son and Prestwich staff themselves. You can see some of the articles I have written for them here.


Petty Son and Prestwich logo


Redstones Estate Agents

Prior to contacting me, Redstones had body copy on their website that was pretty generic and in need of a makeover. I see this quite a bit with the franchise model. It’s not unusual to find multiple branches all using the same copy with only the location changed on each – a sure-fire way to fall foul of the mysterious Google algorithm! I’m pleased to say that after I worked on the body copy of their Home, Sales and Letting pages, the Wolverhampton branch of Redstones is now seeing greatly improved rankings in all search engine results.


Redstones Estate Agents logo

Safe Water Consultancy

The guys at Safe Water Consultancy needed some literature that would inform prospective clients of their service and encourage them to take action. I came up with a trifold brochure that brought in significant new business for the company, allowing them to close deals with companies that may have otherwise overlooked the importance of water regulation compliance.

Safe Water Consultancy trifold brochure


Underfloor Heating Expert

underfloorheatingexpert.com aims to provide those who are interested in installing underfloor heating with easy to understand guides and articles on the subject. I have provided all of the content and copy for the site thus far and I’m looking forward to producing more in the near future.


Underfloor Heating Expert logo