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Printed media copywriting

Think printed media is dead? Think again.

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Offline marketing still works!

Shocking as it may be to some, printed marketing materials still have their place in the digital age.

Naturally, print copy has evolved over time to accommodate changing tastes but the essence remains the same.

Brochures, leaflets, newsletters and direct mail campaigns can all help your business get more attention and, with the help of some great copy, more sales.

Same foundations, different structure

Web and print copy both rely on the same things to make them work.

Persuasion, creativity, psychology and, of course, literacy are the four cornerstones of successful copywriting. When combined, these ingredients will compel a reader to take action – regardless of the format.

So, what’s the difference between on and offline copywriting?

Chiefly, it’s all about the way we read.

Printed media copywriting has a tale to tell

Web content needs to be short, sharp and snappy. Get to the point quickly or the reader is gone.

Print copy, on the other hand, has a little more time to play with. Readers are generally in a more relaxed state when consuming printed media, so storytelling can play its part.

This is a good thing. After all, you want your sales letters to sing and your brochures to have bounce, don’t you?

What’s your story?

If you are currently looking at offline marketing as a way to broaden your reach and would like to discuss your story with me, get in touch today. Let’s bring your company’s campaign to life.