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Keyword research

Unlock potential goldmines by selecting the right keywords for your business.

keyword research by david charles bedford

Content is king!

How many times have you heard that? Plenty, right? And it’s true, but all of that great content still needs to be found somehow.

Social media and email campaigns can do wonders when promoting your latest piece of content, but that’s mostly about the here and now. What about next month? What about next year?

You’re going to want prospective customers to be able to find your amazing evergreen content all of the time, and for that you’re going to need a little SEO. But guess what…

No keywords, no SEO

The days of keyword stuffing may be over, but without the right keywords in the right places your content is going to be untargeted and, ultimately, unfound.

Keywords can also help you gauge the mood of your target audience before you try and engage with them. Think of keywords as an insight into the minds of your prospective customers. Powerful stuff.

In fact, many experts now regard keyword research as the modern day equivalent of market research. However, there is a snag.

There’s good keyword research…

But, there’s bad too. Too often, people think that sticking an idea into Google’s Keyword Planner and selecting a keyword from what it spits out is enough.

It isn’t.

Thorough research and analysis is needed in order to achieve outstanding results. Without proper planning you are trusting to luck.

Lost and found

High-quality keyword research, complemented by high-quality writing, WILL result in more traffic for your website. More traffic equals more leads, sales, sign-ups, commissions…you get the picture.

It really is the difference between being lost and found.

The question is, can your business afford to keep sending out a message in bottle while your competitors are firing flares into the sky?

If the answer is no, contact me today and I’ll help your website get the traffic it deserves.