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Digital Copywriting

Get your message to the masses.

digital copywriting by david charles bedford

Why digital copywriting is vital

First impressions count, especially in the digital age.

In fact, the latest research shows that you only have around 5 seconds to engage the average consumer online and, with the rise of the mobile device, this is expected to shorten further over the coming years.

Having a digital copywriter like me on your side will help your website grab a visitor’s attention – and hold it.

Website copywriting is a different beast

You could be forgiven for thinking that words are words, regardless of where they are found.

How hard can it be? You can write, right? Grammar’s not too shabby either. It can’t be that difficult then, can it? Well, I can make a mean round of toast, but I’m not sure Gordon Ramsay would let me loose in his kitchen!

Digital – or web – copy, much like Michelin star cooking, has its own rules and idiosyncrasies. Readers tend to skim text online rather than drink in every word as you would with printed text.

Structure and punch are the order of the day.

What a good piece of web copy will do

Regardless of a site’s size or subject matter, great web copy should do four things well:

  1. Get your message across quickly and succinctly
  2. Instil trust
  3. Give you an edge over your competitors
  4. Convert

If you feel that the writing on your website is failing to achieve any (or, heaven forbid, all) of these four points it’s time to put things right.

Get in touch with me today and I’ll help you get your online presence back on track.